Student Research Staff

Graduate and undergraduate student researchers provide support for CBE and other research projects. This experience prepares them for successful careers in the building industry, where many of our graduates now hold positions of significant influence and responsibility. The following students are currently in the Building Science MS/PhD program:

Carlos Duarte is a PhD student in the Building Science program at UC Berkeley. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho in 2011, and his MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Idaho-Boise in 2013. During his MS studies and beyond, he worked for the Integrated Design Lab in Boise, Idaho, on projects that ranged from measurement and verification, calibration of existing buildings, and consulting on energy codes through the use of energy simulation. His research interests include radiant heating and cooling, occupant behavior impact on building energy consumption, ‘big data’ energy analysis, and energy modeling.

Kit Elsworth is an MS student in the Building Science program at UC Berkeley. He received a BA in Architectural Studies from Brown University in 2009 and studied sustainable design at Harvard with a focus on vegetated roofs. For over three years, Kit worked for Atelier Ten in New Haven as an environmental building consultant, serving architectural design teams with daylight simulations and LEED consulting. During this time, he collaborated with state energy department to revise the Connecticut High Performance Building code. Kit's research interests include indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, user behavior, and natural ventilation.

Priya Gandhi is an MS student in the Building Science program at UC Berkeley. She received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Prior to arriving at Berkeley she spent three years as an environmental design consultant at Atelier Ten where she performed daylight analyses, envelope performance studies, and whole building energy modeling for new and existing buildings. Her interest areas include natural ventilation, radiant heating and cooling, climate resilient design, existing buildings and energy modeling.

Soazig Kaam is a PhD student in the Building Science program at UC Berkeley. She received her MS in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainability from French engineering school Arts et Métiers ParisTech Bordeaux in 2013. Prior to graduation and as a visiting student, Soazig was involved in projects carried by CBE related to indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency as well as human interaction and building information visualization in commercial buildings. Her interests also include occupant satisfaction and user behavior.

Caroline Karmann is a PhD student in the Building Science program at UC Berkeley. She received her MArch from ENSAIS Strasbourg, France, in 2006, and her MS in Climate and Energy from INSA Strasbourg in 2008. After graduation, she worked at Transsolar Energietechnik in Stuttgart for 4 years and specialized in daylight simulation and energy analysis. Her research interests include indoor environmental quality, thermal comfort, user behavior, natural ventilation and energy efficiency. At CBE Caroline is currently working on radiant heating and cooling projects.

Joyce Kim is a PhD student in the Building Science program at UC Berkeley. She received her BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada, in 2006, and her MS in Sustainable Design from Philadelphia University in 2011. Her professional experience includes energy analysis, building envelope design, construction quality control, and project management. Prior to Berkeley, Joyce worked in the Heat Island Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab focusing on database analysis of cool roof electricity savings in residential buildings. Currently, Joyce is at CBE working on the occupant satisfaction survey of indoor environments in response to the distributed intelligent automated demand response strategies at the new CITRIS headquarter building.

Luis Santos is a Portuguese architect concerned in creating bridges between the design practice and research on generative and performance-based design. He collaborated with several design studios in Lisbon where he was responsible to lead design teams from conceptual to construction phases. He holds a Master in Architecture from the Technical University of Lisbon (TU Lisbon) and has started his PhD studies on Building Science at UC Berkeley. He collaborated and collaborates in several research projects which aim the synthesis between parametric and generative design with energy - performance driven design. He also gives support (from the user point of view) on the development of a specific domain programming language for architecture that is currently being developed in the TU Lisbon Computer Science department.

Kristine Walker is an MS student in the Building Science program at UC Berkeley. Kristine most recently was a Regional Project Manager for the US General Service Administration and has over 15 years of building project development and direct field experience. After completing $24 million in energy and water projects for the GSA last September, she lead the development and completion of a comprehensive, transformational sustainability plan for Region 9. She has also spearheaded a Clinton Global Initiative project for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, participated with many rewarding volunteer projects, and was a technical lead for a division of GE. As part of the UC Berkeley program Kristine hopes to leverage her project and program management knowledge to support CBE research efforts while developing her own expertise as a subject matter expert and academic.