Livable Buildings Awards

A program to showcase buildings that excel in design, operation, and occupant satisfaction.

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The University of California, Davis, Student Community Center in Davis, California, has been selected as the winner of the 2015 Livable Buildings Award.

This project meets the highest standards for providing healthy and productive indoor environments, and represents best practices for sustainability and overall design.

The winning project, along with the other award finalist, ranked among the top scorers in CBE's Occupant Indoor Environmental Quality Survey. The survey, used to study occupant satisfaction with the quality of the indoor environment, has been implemented in over 650 buildings around the globe.

The Award Winner

The UC Davis Student Community Center, funded by student fees, is a project that engaged students in the design, construction, and operations decisions. The LEED Platinum building is located in the center of campus, and is home to many student organizations and services.
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Award Finalist

We also recognize the Parharpur Business Centre, located in New Delhi, as a finalist in the competition. Their exceptional occupant feedback scores places them among the best in the CBE dataset of buildings.

UC Davis Student Community Center, 2015 Livable Buildings Award Winner. Photo credit: Bo Botelli (UC Davis) and
Doug Dun.