Links for Current Survey Users

Survey users and managers: use the links below for additional information about the CBE Survey.

Survey Setup and Implementation

Survey Setup Package: Detailed information about setting up a new survey, including implementation and survey agreements:
>> Submit Survey Information Packet and pay via check (PDF)
>> Submit your survey request and pay online via credit card
Partners: please login to set up complimentary surveys.

Using the survey for a LEED credit?

For projects using LEED v2009: LEED for Building Design + Construction projects (except Core & Shell and Homes) can use the survey to get IEQ Credit 7.2 (Thermal Comfort - Verification). LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance projects can use the survey to get IEQ Credit 2.1 (Occupant Comfort - Occupant Survey).

For projects using LEED v4: All LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance projects can use the survey to get IEQ Credit 10 (Occupant Comfort Survey).

The survey measures satisfaction with the thermal environment through questions such as, "How satisfied are you with the temperature in your workspace?" The thermal comfort section also includes branching questions about sources of dissatisfaction.

In order to get the most accurate description of building performance, CBE recommends completing the survey at least six months after move-in. Once the survey is complete, you will need to send a submittal to USGBC that includes the findings from your survey.

Submittal Components

USGBC requests the following two items as documentation for this credit:

1. A detailed narrative describing the survey and how it is conducted.

The CBE website provides information about survey methodology. You may use this information for your purposes, and include it along with your project-specific details to complete your narrative.

2. Information regarding the results of the survey.

The standard survey report provides detailed information about where your building is performing well and opportunities for improvement. The report can serve as source material for the results section of the submittal.

The USGBC does not require written verification from CBE directly. Please see the USGBC LEED website for other technical information.